EXCLUSIVE! Usain Bolt as his mystery women

Woman number one: Bolt was photographed twerking enthusiastically with a mystery woman – his first conquest of a long night marking his 30th birthday, the end of the Games and his triple triple .

Woman number two: Bolt was pictured photographing another brunette at the club before going home with Duarte.
 Woman Number three: Juady Duarte a 20yr old brazilian student.



Jady Duarte has told how the Jamaican star pestered her for sex via the Google Translate app; sneaked her into Olympic Village under the noses of security; then insisted on listening to the raunchy Rihanna song ‘Work’ as they made love on his single bed.

And despite being the fastest man on the planet, Duarte, 20, insisted their bedroom action was more marathon than sprint – spanning two hour-long sessions but stopping short of another ‘triple’.

Duarte told DailyMail.com:
‘He was stood in front of us and suddenly he pulled up his shirt and showed us his six pack,’ Duarte went on. ‘I had never seen anything like it. I just had to reach out and stroke it.’
Bolt later abandoned Duarte after promising her they’ll go on a date, because their news hit the headline.He dashed straight to the airport and boarded a flight to London, were he was spotted leading two ladies into his hotel.

Bolt landed in London from Rio and spent the evening partying at celebrity hangout Cirque le Soir surrounded by glamorous women.A group of women who were at the Cirque le Soir club went back to Bolt’s hotel on Tuesday morning and the two ladies pictured above waited for the lift with Bolt.

Meanwhile his beautiful girlfriend seats back home in Jamiaca reading all this shit and waiting for him.